Ridgeline Engineering Company has been in the industrial automation business since 1990. We use both a wide varieties of PLCs and PC technology to provide machine control and networking.

A typical automation project will usually be a stand alone work cell or a semi-automated fixture. These will usually be one-off projects and are designed primarily for a specific customer factory production process or assembly. Examples include:

  • Indexing tables
  • Pick and place
  • Vision inspection
  • Conveyor systems
  • Special test cells
  • Electrical Control Panels

We have designed custom industrial machines and electromechanical assemblies in all sizes and shapes, from a 3 ounce mechanism for a small, unmanned aerial vehicle, to a large 65 ton moving gantry for an X-Ray inspection machine. Custom machines are designed for recurring build, and are usually part of our customer�s product line for sale to industry. Examples include:

  • Gamma and X-Ray inspection machines
  • Semiconductor Handlers, Conveyors, and Loaders (SMEMA Standard)
  • Medical devices
  • Remote monitoring and surveillance equipment